Identity, App, Campaign

Created while at Franklyn.

1Huddle has revolutionized employee training by replacing outdated, uninspiring methods with a competitive, game-based learning platform accessible on mobile phones. Founded by a former professional athlete turned leading salesman, the platform leverages the spirit of competition to enhance workplace culture and connection, rewarding high performers with recognition and prizes. As it embarked on a new phase of growth, 1Huddle refreshed its brand to reflect the energy of the sports world, featuring bold designs and motivational messaging. This rebranding aims to inspire businesses to create engaging, dynamic work environments that employees are passionate about, proving its versatility by appealing to a wide range of clients, including notable names like the Knicks.

The App Experience

Catering to a diverse client base, including The Knicks and Audible, 1Huddle creates tailored interactive experiences that surpass the effectiveness of traditional training manuals.

Build a Company People Love Working For

1huddle’s entry to the market was as bold as their brand. We created a campaign that helped communicate the company's key value proposition – workforce training that helps their clients build companies their staff love.

Creative Direction: Franklyn
Design: Kenneth Lian
Motion Graphics: Kenneth Lian, Gabriel Ribes