Google Merch Store

Merchandise Design, Illustration, Motion

Created while at Franklyn.

Google operates the Google Merchandise Store, an online platform offering Google-branded merchandise. Unlike other companies struggling to offload their branded items, Google has turned this venture into a lucrative business. Our team at Franklyn had collaborated with Google for several years, developing a series of merchandise collections. Striking a balance of brand reverance and fun and by tapping into Google's vibrant culture, we've crafted products that resonate with their global workforce, incorporating inside jokes and common themes. From playful nods to Chrome's T-Rex to tributes to their campus bike share program, our range of designs includes puzzles, socks, throw blankets, greeting cards, and more.

Campus Collection

Google employees take pride in representing their origins. Inspired by classic signage, we've devised a system that allows each office to stand independently while also seamlessly uniting them all—like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Google Bike

Google's vibrant employee bicycles are incredibly popular, often disappearing in large numbers. It's no surprise that our collection inspired by these iconic bikes has become our best-selling line to date.

Earth Day

Earth Day holds significant importance at Google, and one of the ways they mark the occasion is through a commemorative t-shirt. We've had the privilege of designing one and a few other swag items for their celebrations.

Land and Sea

With Google's numerous offices worldwide, finding common themes that resonate with everyone can be a challenge. However, one universal concept that everyone can relate to is landforms and bodies of water.

Greeting Cards

Who could have guessed that it would be the world's largest technology company that would give us the chance to live out our childhood Hallmark dreams?

Creative Direction: Franklyn
Design & Illustration: Kenneth Lian, Nana Nozaki, Nat Thomas, Andrew Peters, Tess Havas, John Custer
Photography: Kendall Mills