App Design, Identity

Created with For Good Measure.

Arcade is an app poised to redefine the landscape of academic archiving. With its suite of bespoke tools designed for seamless documentation, meticulous organization, and dynamic networking, it sets out to enhance the way people engage in research collaborations and the publishing of scholarly papers.

Named with a nod to the initial letters of "archive," ARCADE injects a playful twist into academic rigor, enriching the research journey for students. Our creative direction included the development of a distinctive poster and illustration system, bringing to life the eccentric and imaginative aspects of library and archival spaces.

Developed for Stanford University, our design prototype simplifies the archival research process for both educators and learners. It streamlines the capturing and sharing of source materials within library archives, cleverly navigating the complexities of handling vast quantities of photos and scans without the need to physically remove items.

Creative Direction: For Good Measure
Design: Kevin Chao, Sean Danz, Kenneth Lian
UX/UI: Kenneth Lian, Kevin Chao
Illustration: Matilda Seo