Mr Anxiety 

Music Video

Caro Juna’s track from her sophomore EP visualizes an intimate duel with isolation and societal pressures. Manifesting her battle with emotional turmoil through an evocative hallway dance of doppelgängers, our music video crafts a stark, symbolic corridor where her anxieties, clad in face masks, personify internal conflicts, and culminutes in a poignant dance of self-acceptance, resulting in a visual journey of confrontation and reconciliation with the specters of her mind.

Creative Direction: Kenneth Lian, Kevin Chao
Production: Caroline Park, Kenneth Lian, Kevin Chao
DP: Peter Garafalo
1st AD: Amanda Pham
Stylist: Sophia Gutierrez
MUA: Emma Elizabeth
VFX: Mikhael Villegas  
Cast: Mikhael Villegas, Danny Peng, Chia Lynn Kwa, Kevin Li, Chaiun Oh, Sophia Gutierrez
Select Costumes: Samantha Debardelaben
Special Thanks: The Franklin Hotel