Santos by Monica 

Identity,  Creative Direction

Santos by Mónica, nestled in New York's Lower East Side, is a beacon of sustainable fashion, marrying mid-century modern influences with contemporary flair. Founded by the talented designer Mónica Santos, this boutique not only showcases its flagship cactus leather handbags, which debuted to immediate acclaim, but also features '60s-inspired attire and pieces from fellow Latinx-owned brands. 

Now  skyrocketed to digital fame , the brand started out in the workroom of the founder’s Brooklyn apartment. In its early conception, I partnered with Mónica to create a visual identity that carried the vibrancy of mid-century modern colors and geometry, standing apart from the staleness of slick logos and monochrome palette of fast fashion, helping the brand to highlight its steadfast commitment to creating shareable, sustainable fashion that resonates across generations.

With a distinctive script logo, a primary palette and geometric patterning, the identity design aimed to strike a balance between structured and geometric with organic and human touchiness, paying a harmonic complement to the beautifully designed and crafted Santos handbags and apparel.

Creative Direction, Design: Kenneth Lian
Logo Refinement: Ryan Bugden
Photography: Jess Brohier, Claudio Robles, Andreas Jana